Acrylic Roof Coating Installers North East

PVCu windows, A-rated double and triple glazing, PVC Roofline, Fascias, Soffits, Guttering.

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Acrylic Roof Coating Installers North East

Acrylic Roof Coating Installers North East

We have a highly trained and experienced team to ensure the correct installation of your acrylic roof coating, we cover all of the North East, from Sunderland, Gateshead, Newcastle and up to Northumberland.

Tiles protected with acrylic coatings remain dry throughout, preventing water from soaking into the tiles, keeping the roof protected all year round.

MOSS WILL NOT GROW BACK, TILES WILL NOT ERODE. The look of your property will be enhanced.

Acrylic roof coatings can be applied at around 20% of the cost of having a new roof.

Your roof tiles are exposed to the harsh elements of the British weather – namely rain, snow, the hot sun and frost, which all break down your roofing surface.

Eventually your roof becomes less water resistant and algae, lichens and moss start to thrive.

Your roof will also absorb water, adding to the weight that the structure has to bear.

Any plants or fungi will detract from the look of your house and will end up in your gutters and could eventually block your drains!

We are experienced installers and prior to applying the acrylic coating we always throroughly clean your roof and make any necessary repairs.

We have a variety of colours to choose from
colours available on our Acrylic Roof Coating Installers North East

We can supply, or supply and fit replacement double or triple glazed units

Replacement double glazed units

If your glass units have failed and appear misty or foggy, give us a call on 0788 223 4302

Replacement double glazed windows

German designed PVCu windows

We use German designed, English manufactured double glazed windows fitted with EnergiMax® A-Rated glass units

Any colour composite doors

We can source any colour composite door

Various timber effects or any colour composite doors, we can provide supply only or fully fitted

44mm triple glazing

Our Standard window frames now accomodate 44mm triple glazing

Our standard windows now allow the fitting of 44mm triple glazing, 28mm triple glazing is no more efficient than A-Rated double glazing

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