Bespoke Composite Doors North East

Top quality PVCu windows, A-rated double and triple glazing, composite and PVCu doors.

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Bespoke composite doors North East

Mr and Mrs Gowland of Benwell needed to replace windows and two doors in their property. They contacted Dave Kendall from his website for a quote, when Dave attended the property he realised that he had installed the original windows when he was a manufacturer as well as an installer. Dave knew the original occupants and had since carried out work for them on their new property. Dave quoted for EnergiMax® double glazing but upgraded the glass to A-Rated 36mm triple glazing free of charge as a present because he wanted the new owners to be completely satisfied. When Dave had completed the work Mrs Gowland phoned him and said the composite doors were stunning and the triple glazing was unbelievable. They now feel safe and secure in their home and look forward to bad weather outside as they are totally snug inside. Using our easy to use door designer software you can now design your perfect door, save a copy and email the design directly for us.

How secure are our Endurance solid timber filled composite doors?

We can supply, or supply and fit replacement double or triple glazed units

replacement double glazed units

Replacement double glazed units

If your glass units have failed and appear misty or foggy, give us a call on 0788 223 4302

Replacement double glazed windows

German designed replacement a-rated double glazing

German designed PVCu windows

We use German designed, English manufactured double glazed windows fitted with EnergiMax® A-Rated glass units

Any colour composite doors

Any colour composite doors

We can source any colour composite door

Various timber effects or any colour composite doors, we can provide supply only or fully fitted

44mm triple glazing

triple glazed glass units

Our Standard window frames now accomodate 44mm triple glazing

Our standard windows now allow the fitting of 44mm triple glazing, 28mm triple glazing is no more efficient than A-Rated double glazing

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