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Dave has had lots of customers who have conservatories and do not really use them as they feel cold in winter and in the summer they can feel like a greenhouse. They all want a room which they could use all the year around. A lot of them were interested in the roofs the bigger firms were offering but were soon put off by the outrageous prices they were charging. That is why Dave decided to convert his own to show a different way to remodel and save his customers a lot of money. Dave is a fully qualified joiner and has had over 25 years building experience, so he converted his using all readily available and tried and tested building materials. He did not have to remove the original structure but built a new independent structure over the original. He insulated the outside as well as the inside. The Fascias and soffits are well ventilated and he put a gutter system which had a good fall, unlike the systems used by the bigger firms which are a level gutter system and which always hold water. He used Eternit roof slates which are used on ordinary house roofs. The finished result looks fantastic and he knows that as the materials and workmanship are all tried and tested the finished building will look good for years to come. He now has other customers lined up to have their conservatories re-modelled and the photos will be uploaded to the website asap. So watch this space. Dave has previously insulated the interior of his conservatory roof.

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Conservatory Roof Tiling Newcastle upon Tyne