A-Rated double and triple glazed units

Top quality PVCu windows, A-rated double and triple glazing, french doors, patio doors, composite and PVCu doors.

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Replacement Glass

We can supply and fit made to measure glass units

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PVCu Windows

We provide top quality German designed windows

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Composite Doors

We can supply and fit any colour composite doors

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Triple Glazing

We supply and fit top quality triple glazing

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Glass Price Calculator

Pay for you windows with Visa, Maestro or Mastercard, powered by Paypal Please note, we have a minimum order size of 0.5 metre²

These prices are for single units, discounts will be given on orders of multiple units. The more you order, the cheaper the unit cost. All of our glass units come with a manufacturers 10 year guarantee certificate.

We also provide a full glass fitting service for the glass units we supply. To keep our prices competitive, payment terms for glass units are cash or bank transfer (BACS).

Select the type of glass you require from the dropdown menu on the left, then enter the dimensions in millimetres:

Double glazed glass types Width (mm's) Height (mm's) Num
Price £
Total Price:

Single glazed glass types Width (mm's) Height (mm's) Num
Price £
Total Price:

Standard double glazed glass types
4mm Clear Toughened Pattern£64.05
4mm Clear/Antisun Toughened£80.30
4mm Clear/Clear£35.20
4mm Clear/Clear Toughened£56.10
4mm Clear/Pattern£42.35
4mm Clear/Pilkington Activ Blue Toughened
(Solar Control Self Clean)
4mm Clear/Planitherm£78.00
4mm Clear/Planitherm Toughened£90.00
4mm Clear/Satin Toughened£118.80
4mm Planitherm/Antisun Toughened£103.40
4mm Planitherm/Pattern£79.00
4mm Planitherm/Pattern Toughened£89.10
4mm Planitherm/Pilkington Activ Blue Toughened£124.30
4mm Planitherm/Satin£93.50
4mm Planitherm/Satin Toughened£144.10
6.4mm Laminate/6.4mm Laminate£82.50
6.4mm Laminate/6.4mm/6.8mm Acoustic Laminate£126.50
6mm Clear/6mm Antisun Toughened£144.10
6mm Clear/Clear Toughened£89.10
6mm Clear/Planitherm Toughened£126.50
6mm/6mm Clear Annealed£69.30
For 18mm White Georgian Bar, add£29.70
For 25mm White Georgian Bar, add£38.50
For 6mm or 12mm Diamond Lead, add£47.30
For 6mm or 12mm Square Lead, add£40.70
For 9mm Diamond Lead, add£40.70
For 9mm Square Lead, add£29.70
For Antique Lead, add 20% 
For Coloured Georgian Bar, add 50% 
For Interbar/Duplex system, add
(Dummy Spacer Bar)
For Queen Anne Lead, add£51.70

Standard single glazed glass types
4mm Clear£27.50
4mm Clear Toughened£36.30
4mm Mirror£45.10
4mm Patterned£33.00
4mm Patterned Toughened£46.20
4mm Pilkington Oriel Collection£188.10
4mm Satin£71.50
4mm Satin Toughened£102.30
4mm Tinted£38.50
4mm Tinted Toughened (except Blue)£60.50
6.4mm Acoustic Laminate£100.10
6.4mm Diffused Laminate£96.80
6.4mm Laminate£45.10
6.8mm Pyro Dur/Pyrostop/from£276.10
6mm Clear£38.50
6mm Clear Toughened£56.10
6mm Satin£102.30
6mm Tinted£71.50
7mm G.W. Cast£56.10
7mm G.W. Polished Plate£107.80

Pay for you windows with Visa, Maestro or Mastercard, powered by Paypal

We can supply, or supply and fit replacement double or triple glazed units

Replacement double glazed units

If your glass units have failed and appear misty or foggy, give us a call on 0788 223 4302

Replacement double glazed windows

German designed PVCu windows

We use German designed, English manufactured double glazed windows fitted with EnergiMax® A-Rated glass units

Any colour composite doors

We can source any colour composite door

Various timber effects or any colour composite doors, we can provide supply only or fully fitted

36mm triple glazing

Our Standard window frames now accomodate 36mm triple glazing

Our standard windows now allow the fitting of 36mm triple glazing, 28mm triple glazing is no more efficient than A-Rated double glazing

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