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Mr Nicholson of Whitley Bay reference

This is a reference given to Dave Kendall when he supplied and installed eleven Rehau windows fitted with 36mm triple glazing. Mr Nicholson of Whitley Bay was so delighted with the product and the workmanship he felt he should put it in writing. The reference is so good and really tells the full story of the benefits of triple glazing over double glazing. 16/1/2018 :

We decided to get new glazing in our house and had a number of quotes from large national companies and also some small independent local firms and tradesman.

We decided to go for triple glazing, which had improved sound and energy efficiency than double-glazing. I had already done quite a bit of research (internet) on glass and frames so knew roughly what we wanted.

All the companies quoted and we decided to go with Dave Kendall. The reason for this is that he provided a bespoke service and was able to provide details of glass being installed and the frame specifications. Some of the larger companies could not provide this without asking a number of questions with the in-house technical teams. Dave ordered the frames and glass directly from the supplier. The supplier was also on hand to provide further details and came back quickly on the questions I asked by email.

For our family, energy saving/conservation is critical and I was keen to see the U-value of the entire frame and glass (this can be dependent on the window chosen). The supplier provided the bespoke calculations with the overall U-Value for our window was 1.1, Energy Rating A with Energy Index of +7. This was achieved by using 36mm triple glazing (90% Argon filled) Planitherm Total+ (centre and internal panes) and warm spacers. This high specification has a centre glass U-value of 0.8.

Dave and Wayne arrived on time every day (they even arrived 10 minutes earlier than planned as we take the children to school). There were 11 windows and 1 bow window to replace. We originally had old uPVC windows, which they removed and took all away. They were very tidy, cleaning and sweeping as they went.

Once all the windows were installed in the upstairs rooms we noticed immediately that the rooms were warmer and quieter (we live near a busy road). In addition, you cannot hear the birds tweeting in the morning (so we all get a good nights sleep). I was amazed at how these windows and frames had improved this.

But this is not purely down to the frames and glass, how the frames are installed are a major factor to make sure the sound and thermal/energy values are maintained. Dave and Wayne made sure that the frames where installed to the highest of standard which included thermal and insulating foam/trim. The trim was placed around the outside of the frame so no unsightly white silicon against the wall. The trim around the windows was a factor emphasized by the large national companies something I understand Dave has done for years…..so nothing new to him.

I am normally quite meticulous when it comes to reviewing the work the teams have done in our house but I have to say that I pointed very few out (there were two simple corrections on the whole job!) which shows that Dave and Wayne understand the customers requirements well.

This is our family home and we are in the process of making a number of improvements to it, so getting local skilled tradesman (rather than national companies) is a really benefit to the local community which often provide tailored solutions and don’t charge extra for very minor changes.

The installation process took just over a week and Dave even took on a small job to add some trim to our new extension windows so that all the windows now matched.

Once the job was finished, Dave provided the guarantee and manufacturers energy certificate. This was a 5 star service and would highly recommend.

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